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Electric Heat Trainer

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■Technical Description
1. Available to test checking fault, temp. control, and pressure control in air-con.
2. Available to check wind pressure at duct with visual by using a digital anemometer and pitot tube.
3. Available to adjust air volume at duct by using duct damper.
4. Available to adjust air speed by using blower controller.
5. Available to draw p-I diagram as changing system cycle in refrigeration apparatus, since the measured section in the system should be selected.
6. Available to test performance with theory on operation of device.
7. Available to acquisition and save data of p-I diagram with program software.

■Experiments(Study objectives)
- Troubleshooting at electric refrigeration Trainer machine
- Troubleshooting at electric circuit Trainer
- Fitting electric circuits Trainer
- Refrigeration effect as ratio of the expansion V/V in electric refrigeration system Trainer

■Dimensions and weight
- Size(LxWxH):  1100x720x400mm
- Weight: 80kg

- Refrigeration Machine module
- User manual book

- Refrigeration simulation training
  program S/W


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