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Industrial Refrigeration Demonstrator

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■Technical Description
1. Available to test checking fault, temp. control, and pressure control in industrial refrigerator.
2. Available to check working situation at each evaporator by using two evaporators.
3. Available to check coolant volume at system by using coolant manometer.
4. Available to adjust evaporating pressure at each of evaporator by using EPR.
5. Available to adjust coolant volume at system by using manual V/V.
6. Available to draw p-I diagram as changing system cycle in refrigeration apparatus, since the measured section in the system should be selected.
7. Available to test performance with theory on operation of device.
8. Available to acquisition and save data of p-I diagram with program software.

■Experiments(Study objectives)
- Fitting refrigerant Trainer
- Vacuum test Trainer
- Leak test Trainer
-Troubleshooting at multi eva system machine
- Refrigeration effect as ratio of the expansion V/V in refrigerator system
Temperature control at evaporator
- Pressure control at low side
- Pressure control at high side
 Evaporating pressure regulator operation
- Component understanding of refrigerator system
Operation industrial multi  eva refrigeration
- COP calculation for refrigerator system

- Compressor : 1HP
- Condenser : Air-cooled type
- Evaporator :multi type
- Evaporating Pressure Regulator:1EA
- Expansion Valve : manual type
- Liquid receiver : 1HP
- Accumulator  : 1HP
- Electronic valve : 3/8" nut clamp type
- Manometer
- Fitting nipple
- Sight Glass
- Control box
- Thermostat range: -50℃~100℃
- Pressure switch range:
  Low side: 0bar~5bar
  High side: 5bar~30bar

■Dimensions and weight
- Size(LxWxH):  1500x730x1720mm
- Weight: 200kg

- Refrigeration Machine module
- User manual book

- Transparency condenser
- Transparency accumulator
- Data acquisition module (MSR1000)
- Computer Monitoring program S/W
- Control program S/W aid computer
- Refrigeration simulation training
  program S/W
- BLDC compressor

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