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Steam Boiler System

Product Detail Information

■Technical Description
1. Available to have Experiment of oil boiler control and check fault.
2. Available to experiment temp. changing and calculate, and understand a couple of tube heat exchanger through a dual tube heat exchanger.
3. Available to check plumbing schematic, and study principle of condensing system.
4. Available to test on operation of apparatus.
5. Available to test fan coil unit.
6. Available to save all of data and monitor automatic.

■Experiments(Study objectives)
- Oil boiler operate and check fault
- Experiment temp. changing and calculate
- Study principle of radiator system.
- Study principle of fan coil unit system.

- Water tank: 20ℓ, 1EA
-  Oil boiler: Include oil tank
- Heat exchanger: 80-15 dual type
- Control box
- Radiator: wall type: 2EA
- Fan coil unit: 1EA
- Water flow meter : 20A
- Gas meter: 20A

■Dimensions and weight
- Size(LxWxH):  2000x720x1000mm
- Weight: 200kg

- Machine module
- User manual book

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