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Geothermal heat pump system

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■Technical Description
1. This equipment generates heat energy by vapor-condensing coolant while maintaining relatively constant temperature all the year round in ground circulating circuit.
2. It consists of ground circulating circuit and coolant circuit.
3. It is designed for test and practice on the composition of the system based on the conventional vapor-compression cooling cycle and various basic automatic controls.
4. It is also possible to experience the conversion of heating and cooling operations using heat pump system.
5. It is possible to switch between ground and water as heat source.

 ■Experiments(Study objectives)
- Test and practice of heat pump
- Test on forced geothermal heat pump using artificial ground.
- Test on forced geothermal heat pump using artificial sea.
- Education on the structure and principle of heat pump using geo-heat.
- Heat pump performance depending on the burying method of geothermal exchanger.

1. Heat pump system
- Compressor : 1HP,
- Condenser : Air-cooled type
- Evaporator: pin, Tube air-cooled type
- Evaporator
- Expansion Valve : manual type
- Liquid receiver : 1/2HP
- Accumulator  : 1HP
- Electronic valve : 3/8" nut clamp type
- Manometer
- fitting nipple
- Sight Glass
- Electric control module: DC24V
- Thermostat range: -50℃~100℃

2. Geothermal system
- Ground unit chamber
-  Water unit chamber

■Dimensions and weight
- Size(LxWxH):  1500x900x1700mm
- Weight: 300kg

- User manual book

- Data acquisition module (MSR1000)
- Refrigeration simulation training
  program S/W

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