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Refrigerator Sysem Trainer

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■Technical Description
1. The possibility of the experiment on temperature, pressure, defrosting automatic control and mechanical trouble in the automatic pressure control device
2. The comprehension of principle to refrigerator and study to refrigeration and cold system
3. The experiment on cycle change of refrigeration equipment according to temperature from two parallel evaporators and Mollier diagram drawing in P-I diagram drawing part.
4. Theoretical education of a fundamental circuit, application circuit and experiment with evaporation pressure control device
5. The compatibility and expandability of the graphic module control
6. Unlike separated system from machine department , the control department is visual automatic control with graphic panel and two automatic control modules
7. Data formation by data auto-saving and P-I diagram auto-operation in the system with control program

■Experiments(Study objectives)
- Fitting refrigerant Trainer
- Vacuum test Trainer
- Leak test Trainer
- Troubleshooting at refrigerator system machine
- Troubleshooting at electric circuit
- Fitting electric circuits for refrigerator system Trainer
- Refrigeration effect as ratio of the expansion V/V in refrigerator system Trainer
- Temperature control at evaporator
- Temperature control at condenser
- Pressure control at low side
- Pressure control at high side
 Evaporating pressure regulator operation
 Component understanding of refrigerator system Trainer
 COP calculation for refrigerator system Trainer

- Compressor : 1/2HP,
- Condenser : Air-cooled type
- Evaporator chamber:
  pin, Tube air-cooled type
- Evaporating Pressure Regulator:1EA
- Expansion Valve : manual type
- Liquid receiver : 1/2HP
- Accumulator  : 1HP
- Electronic valve : 3/8" nut clamp type
- Manometer
- Fitting nipple
- Sight Glass
- Electric control module: DC24V
- Graphic module: digital DC24V
- Thermostat range: -40℃~100℃
- Pressure switch range:
  Low side: 0bar~5bar
  High side: 5bar~30bar

■Dimensions and weight
- Size(LxWxH):  1800x730x1720mm
- Weight: 200kg

- Electric control module
- Graphic module
- Refrigeration Machine module
- Banana jack: 20 each of black and red
- User manual book

- Transparency condenser
- Transparency accumulator
- Data acquisition module (MSR1000)
- Computer Monitoring program S/W (MSM1000)
- Control program S/W aid computer
- Refrigeration simulation training
  program S/W
- BLDC compressor

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