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Automotive Refrigeration Trainer

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■Technical Description
1.Study for the principle of air-conditioning and refrigeration with a car
2.Study for assembling of air-conditioning system in a car.
3.Operation and experiment of every element for air-conditioning in a car.
4.Experiment for cooling and heating in a car.
5.Training for repair of air-conditioning system in a car.
6.Understanding of the principle and operation for FATC
7.(Full Automatic Temperature Control).
8.Measurement refrigeration ability when the system is in an abnormal condition.
9.Measurement refrigeration ability as RPM of Compressor.
10.Monitoring and recording for data from hardware to computer through software as real time
11.Operation of each element through control panel.
■Experiments(Study objectives)
§Refrigerant charging as every vehicle
§Understanding vehicle air conditioning system(Component device)
§Structure and type of vehicle air conditioning compressor
§Air conditioning duct work of the understanding of mechanisms
§The location of major component parts and disassemble
§Engine rotation speed control, air conditioning and performance measurement
§Through a constant temperature tank with heater environment assay experiment of a heating system Trainer
§Changing load conditions, the performance of indoor vehicles assay
§Changing refrigerant charging conditions, the performance of indoor vehicles assay
- Motor : AC 220V 3-phase 5HP 4KWMotor(Max 3,500RPM)
- Compressor
- Condenser : Air-cooled type
- Air duct : manual type
- Water pump
- Inverter
- Crank angle
- FATC unit
- E.C.U
- Relay box
- Fuse box
- Pressure switch range:
  Low side: 0bar~5bar
  High side: 5bar~30bar

■Dimensions and weight
- Size(LxWxH):  1500x700x600mm
- Weight: 130kg

-Refrigeration Machine module
-User manual book

- Data acquisition module (MSR1000)
- Refrigeration simulation training 
  program S/W


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